The SCASB Purpose

The SCASB exists to resource its member congregations in ways that will enable them to fulfill their unique, God-given vision for reaching the lost, developing disciples and leaders, and being involved in missional partnerships.




Need a host for the August 13 evening Pastors Fellowship

The August 13, 2020 6:30pm pastors fellowship needs someone to volunteer to serve as host. Please let the SCASB office know if you are willing to serve as host.

Mary Jo

Association livestreaming learning group on facebook

There is a group under the SCASB Facebook page called SCASB Technologists that I'm hoping to bring together those in our association who run the sound boards for our assocation churches to help us all learn how to make use of streaming technology during this time of social distancing. If you're interested in learning or helping set this up for your or other SCASB churches, join us in that FaceBook group.

  August 2020